Saturday, November 12, 2011

Shift/Jump control board finished!

After a long hiatus, I finally got the last bits of wiring finished on the Shift/Jump unit control board.  I haven't actually powered it up yet to see if it works (even if I did, I wouldn't know for sure, since I still don't have a reasonable way to get a signal onto the A/B buses).  But at least it's all wired up and ready for the (comparatively simple) transfer boards, which move a 16-bit signal from one bus to another.

Front of the control board

Yay point-to-point wiring!

Installed in the Shift/Jump unit backplane


  1. nice work! the new board looks great.

  2. Your project is fantastic! I also am building a "Homemade Computer": "TTL Computer by Alessio Lombardo" is his name :D

  3. hey paul, still out here checking for updates every so often. hope all is well on your end!