Sunday, February 21, 2010

Program Counter plans

Drew up the program counter plans in gschem. Again, the final results are tidy and nice-looking, but I don't like how gschem restricts you to a tiny box within which to put all the components...


  1. Replacing the default titleblock with a bigger one (or none at all) is possible. Please see:


  2. Thanks, Ales. As I started working on taking the next step with gEDA (PCB layout and design) I realized that the title block could be modified or removed.

    I also have started to get a better feel for gschem, and my latest schematics are much easier to read, as I've split up all the components into multiple sheets, connected by common nets. This has made the actual schematics much more manageable in size, generally fitting well within the confines of the default title block, which is I imagine what was intended.