Monday, March 1, 2010

Logic Analyzer Cart

My logic analyzer came with a pretty nice steel cart. It had big casters so it slid over the carpet easily, built-in storage, and fit the analyzer just right. Only problem -- the damn thing was wider than my closet doorway! Logic analyzers are useful, but they're sure not "pretty". My wife and I got a bit tired of the analyzer sitting in our office instead of it being in the closet where it belonged. So I whipped up a new cart for it this weekend. The new one has more storage than the old one, which is good. Only downside is that since the casters are directly under the corners of the analyzer, it's a bit unstable when pushed around. I have to be careful to not push it around too fast or it's liable to fall over. The old cart was wide for a reason: so you didn't have to worry about such things. Some test rolls with the new cart show that it's indeed mobile, however. And it fits in the closet. Which was really the point all along.

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