Sunday, December 26, 2010

PCB try #1: Fail.

I went and got all the stuff I'd need to make my first PCB:
  • Some 6x6 inch single-sided copper clad boards
  • A bottle of ferric chloride
  • Samsung ML-1665 laser printer (only $39!!)
  • 50 sheets of heavy (68lb) glossy photo paper
I followed all the steps: cleaned the board, printed the traces on the photo paper, and then did the transfer with an iron. However, the resulting transfer didn't work very well:

I'm going to try again tomorrow, with a couple modifications to my process:
  • Sand the board with 600-grit paper before cleaning with alcohol and performing the transfer
  • Use the tip of the iron to grind the crap out of the traces when doing the transfer
I'm hoping that this next attempt will be more successful.

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